New Broadheads for 2016

This year, we are offering heavier grain models of two already proven broadheads. The Wasp Drone and Wasp Jak-Knife will be available in 125-grain options soon. We introduce the two new broadheads to meet the trend of more bowhunters switching to a heavier point. Another new broadhead is the Dueler – an adjustable cutting 2-blade mechanical broadhead.

The speed craze of modern bows is sort of fading. Gone are the days of the “faster is better” marketing speak, or at the least, consumers are getting more educated and discounting that claim. Don’t get us wrong, speed is important and results in a flatter-flying arrow, but using a lighter arrow and broadhead combination to gain speed usually comes at the expense of less momentum (down-range energy at point of impact), more wear and tear on strings, limbs and cables, more noise and reduced front of center (FOC).

125-Grain Drone and 125-Grain Jak-Knife

The new 125-grain Wasp Drone will really serve hunters who shoot a lighter poundage. The 100-grain model was already a good choice, but the increased kinetic energy and momentum from 25 more grains on the end of the arrow is always a plus. You may not need it for a double-lung shot, but God forbid you hit the shoulder or rear-end, it’s better to have more.

But the 125-grain drone is not just for low poundage shooters. Let’s consider the average deer hunter. He has a modern compound bow like the speedy Mathews Halon. His draw length is 28” and his draw weight is 60 lbs. With a 100-grain broadhead on the business end, his arrow setup (nock, vanes, insert and broadhead) weighs 375 grains.

That’s a great all-around setup for whitetails and similar-sized game. But what about big game? Let’s say he treats himself to elk or moose every few years. That’s when it makes more sense to use a heavier broadhead. By increasing the total arrow weight by 25 grains, he gains 3.5% of kinetic energy and 5% momentum and only loses 6 fps. Simply adding a heavier broadhead makes this setup much more suited for the bigger game.

Much like the 125-grain Drone, the heavier Jak-Knife is a broadhead for bowhunters looking to squeeze more momentum out of their setup.

Wasp Dueler

Many bowhunters prefer to use a different broadhead depending on the type of game they are hunting. Designed with Select-A-Cut technology, the Dueler can go from turkey season to deer season with the simple rotation of a washer. No longer will you have to buy multiple broadheads to match game and worry about additional tuning. Simply set your preferred diameter at 1.5” or 2+” and hit the field. If you shoot 60-65 pounds, you can shoot the Dueler at 1.5” during the fall for whitetail and crank it up to 2” for turkeys in the Spring. All other features of this broadhead align with the reliable Jak-Knife, featuring a stainless steel trocar tip and .036” thick blades.

Here’s the Dueler in action on late season Illinois whitetail hunt: 


Wasp Dueler Kill Shot

Gregg Ritz Hunt Masters turned the snow red with a Wasp Dueler when he recently harvested an absolute giant late season Illinois buck! #TheUltimateBroadhead #MakeTheSwitch

Posted by WASP Archery Products on Thursday, January 14, 2016