No Offseason in Pursuit of “The Ultimate Broadhead”

While hunters are sharpening their Wasp broadheads and getting ready for some turkey hunting, the Wasp factory is firing on all cylinders now that the show season is fading. It is busier than Santa’s workshop in December right now.

We had a great time at all the shows, presenting our new products, the Queen and the Z-force, to diehard bowhunters and new dealers. Now, we are working overtime to fill all the orders to be shipped over the next few weeks. We are happy to report that you will be seeing Wasp products in many more retail locations this year.  Rest assured, we are still more focused on quality over quantity in the manufacturing process.

Because we make all of our broadheads in America, we have absolute control over the final product. We do everything in our power to ensure a broadhead is ready to hunt when it leaves the factory. We have all hands on deck overseeing the process from the time the blades are cut to the time they are assembled and packaged. All our hard work is paying off though.

We are excited about all the press the Z-force and Queen has been receiving and we cannot wait to see what kind of damage they do to some gobblers this spring. But until then, it is back to work running the machines and taking care of business here at the shop. We hope your offseason is a little more relaxing than ours, but created “The Ultimate Broadhead” is our passion and obsession. We are thankful to our great employees who also share this passion of creating quality head that's made in America with a solid, hardened stainless steel tip and top quality blades that are scalpel sharp.

Hope you enjoyed this update and we look forward to hearing your turkey stories and seeing your photos. Be sure to add them to our Facebook Page.