The Pennsylvania Doe Hunt

I am always highly excited for the first day of Pennsylvania's Archery Season and this year I was even more excited to try out my Wasp Broadheads! I hardly slept at all that night and when my alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. I was ready. I got all set and was on my way to my stand. I got into the stand and had plenty of time before daylight (which I prefer to have), so I texted all of my friends and wished them the best for the day! When it became light enough to see, I started ranging some areas of where I thought a deer might step out. Well, I turned to my left and here was a small spike buck feeding in the field 40 yards away. He was too young for me to shoot, and he blended right in with the corn stalks. Well he continued to feed and eventually spooked and ran deeper into the field. I decided I should continue to glass the field because I could be missing deer traveling through. About 5 minutes later I saw some corn stalks moving and immedietly put my binos up. It was a few does and fawns feeding my way. I silently grabbed my bow and stood up. They continued to feed to the left and I decided the first doe to step into my shooting lane I would shoot. So I went ahead and settled the string against my face, while one of the does continued to feed and stepped into my lane at 25 yds! I split my pins and waited till it all line up and squeezed the trigger. TWACK! I saw the arrow tipped with a Wasp Jak-Hammer SST bury into her lungs. I knew she was hit good and that I would have a dead deer when I followed the trail. The Wasp Jak-Hammer SST did the trick and she didn't go far. I will always be using Wasp Broadheads! Thank you Wasp!

- Brook Martin