Archery Practice With Broadheads

We take pride in making quality broadheads right here in America. Every product we churn out is forged with only the finest steel, incorporated into designs that have proven effective for more than 40 years. With that much experience in the industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about aerodynamics, which has led to broadheads that fly so true, you’d think you were shooting a field point.

Out of a properly tuned bow, it’s likely that your broadheads should have the same point-of-impact as your field tips - or at least within a few inches. But even an inch can make a difference and result in a miss or you could injure an animal. The practical and ethical thing to do is use your broadheads during archery practice.

Our fixed blades and the Z-Force come with replacement blades, so you can designate one for practice and use the other set for hunting. Fixed blades, with greater surface space, tend to affect flight more. Today’s fast arrow speeds necessitate a low-profile broadhead that can still pack a punch. It’s why we created the Drone, with a solid steel ferrule and sharp blades that delivers a 1-⅛-inch cutting diameter. The Bullet’s cutting diameter is slightly less, but is one of the most forgiving and accurate fixed-blades on the market. Be sure to properly tune your bow if you’ll be shooting fixed blades.

Archery practice in the offseason while using your broadheads will ensure you're dialed in on opening day.
Archery practice in the offseason while using your broadheads will ensure you're dialed in on opening day. 

Wasp expandables can be kept from opening when target shooting by removing the O-ring and taking some un-waxed dental floss or braided fishing line, and making six to eight wraps around the outside of the blade slots. This ensures the blades remain sharp and unaffected. The Jak-Knife has a two-plus-inch cutting diameter, and the three-blade Jak-Hammer 1 ¾ inches, while the Dueler can change from 1 ½ to two inches. On those models, the blades fold forward during flight, held together by an O-ring. Once the steel, trocar tip makes contact, the blades fold backward - guaranteeing proper deployment.

Justin Martin, host of Down South on the Sportsman Channel, tested our Z-Force expandable broadheads and said they “shine with a bow that is not tuned perfectly. Let’s face it, most hunters are not professional archers and don’t spend as much time tuning their bows as they should. Fixed-blades can really mess with accuracy, but from all my tests, the Z-Force hits identical to my field points. I do recommend taking advantage of the extra blades provided that allow you to practice with the heads you will be hunting with.”

This summer, dial in your bow with your broadheads. It’s a good way to stay sharp. And the more you shoot, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become about the shots you’ll be taking.