Predator Bowhunting

Most bowhunters have traded broadheads for a remote control now that the off-season has set-in around most of the country. But, there are some still reluctant to swap their seats up in a tree for a recliner in the living room.  Predator hunting offers these diehards a pardon from cabin fever.

Hunting a coyote, fox or bobcat with a better sense of sight, hearing and smell than a deer is a challenge with any weapon, let alone archery gear.  A bowhunter’s dilemma is coaxing the animal 40 yards or closer to have an opportunity to fling an arrow tipped with a Wasp broadhead. This test alone can make it one of the most satisfying hunts you take part in.

Add in the challenges of attracting a coyote during breeding season and the adventure becomes even more trying. A coyotes focus during this time is more on “hooking up” than feeding and they may not respond well to calls by prey.

But, similar to calling deer during the rut, mimicking coyote vocals will pique their curiosity and territorial instincts. And once the breeding tapers off, predators will turn their focus back to finding food. This post breeding stage is a bowhunter’s best chance of outwitting the wily creatures on the hunt for meals. Get permission to hunt private land during this time and you can stack up the success quickly.

Most farmers and ranchers are more than willing to give you rights to hunt predators on their property. To them, predators are a nuisance and anyone willing to put the time in to put a dent in the herd is usually welcome.

Play your cards right and show the landowner you are a respectful and responsible hunter and an asset to have around and doors may open for the privilege of hunting deer or turkey once the season rolls around again. This way, you are doing some off-season campaigning for new hunting opportunities while getting a few broadheads bloody. It is a win-win situation that beats being inside watching hunting show reruns.

To be a successful predator hunter with a bow, you have to be on your game. You are out there to fill a tall order: bring a cautious and smart animal into bow range. Not an easy task, but if successful you will be happy you answered the call. Learning how to use calls, decoys and read the wind will only make you a better all-around hunter.

Whether you are an expert predator hunter or are looking for a new adventure, bowhunting these critters is something you do not want to miss.