Replacement Broadhead Parts now Available Online

Our broadhead ferrules and tips are so tough that after shooting an animal, you can usually replace the blades or O-ring/other hardware and put the broadhead you just used right back in you quiver.

At Wasp Archery, it is our goal to create the best broadheads in the world at an incredible value. It started in 1971 when we change bowhunting by introducing the first replaceable-blade broadhead. Since then, our proven designs have evolved to keep up with advances in bowhunting technology. But some things will never change, like our broadhead’s toughness, sharpness and perfect flight.

As the price of our competitor’s broadheads are going up, this year we released the Wasp Drone. A 100% solid-steel, razor-sharp broadhead that flies like a dart. It’s $29.99 and includes two sets of replacement blades. So as other companies are working to reinvent the wheel by adding pins, screws, lasers and other gimmicky parts, we are working on lowering costs and improving what already works. And no, lowering cost does not mean using parts from overseas or making our broadheads in China. Our broadheads have and always will be made in the U.S.A. It starts with a solid design and easy-to-replace hardware.

So stock up your Wasp Nest broadhead storage case with replacement O-rings, washers, blades and collars and be set for the hunting season, knowing your broadhead will fly straight, penetrate deep and inflict maximum wounds.

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