Initial Reviews of the Wasp Drone

One of the most exciting times for us as a broadhead company comes when we release a new product. We keep a close eye on what people are saying on archery forums and social media. As more and more people are getting their hands on the new fixed-blade Drone, and posting their reviews online, it’s great to see the early feedback.

Here’s what some bowhunters said on the Archery Talk forums:

- I have been shooting Wasp for years, just got my Wasp Drones three weeks ago. They shoot great, very accurate. Will see how they work on mule deer this year. Three for 30 bucks with extra blades is a fair price. - dbrauny12000

- So far so good, weighs exactly 97 grains, razor sharp, I mean it just effortlessly shaves hair. As sharp as any I have tried. The tip is very sharp too. It is very compact. The cutting diameter is a true 1 1/8" vs. the Boss 3-blade which I found to be slightly smaller (about 1 1/16"). It spins perfectly and I mean perfectly, I put my arrow on the spinner and there was absolutely no wobble. The ferrule looks very thin, I'm sure someone will do a torture test. I'm guessing Wasp Archery shot it through a steel drum a bunch of times. It will probably hold up great.I just got them, so I haven't had a chance to shoot them yet. I'll report back after I shoot them at distance. So far I really like them! – Khunter

The reviews above bring up some great points. Yes, the ferrule on the Wasp Drone is thinner than what you are used to seeing on our other fixed-blade broadheads. Utilizing a solid-steel ferrule allowed us to reduce the surface area of the Drone, while preserving its toughness. This creates a more compact and better penetrating broadhead.

This broadhead is a great value. The MSRP for a 3-pack, which includes two sets of replacements blades, is $29.99. That’s a lot of bang for the buck. It’s like getting five broadheads, thanks to the strength of our tips and ferrules. After you harvest an animal, change the blades and it’s ready to go back in your quiver.

Antler Geeks Review

It flies beautifully. It penetrates better than any other head we’ve tested — and we’ve tested an awful lot of them. We simply couldn’t break the thing.

We can’t wait to see more of the Drone broadhead reviews and look forward to the real test: hunting season. We tested this product in the field last fall, and it passed with flying colors. We know it’s ready for your quiver.