SST: The Best Broadhead Tip

Wasp Archery was the first broadhead company to introduce replaceable blade broadheads way back in 1972. Since then, we have been the “first” in many of the features you see on today’s broadhead. We are always looking for ways to improve broadhead design.

One feature that is hard for us to make any better is the famous Stainless Smart Tips of our broadheads. They are a perfection of simplicity. Here’s how the SSTs help you kill more animals:

Construction of SST Broadheads

The SST of Wasp broadheads feature solid stainless-steel, which is machined, hardened and hollow ground to a near razor edge. They are pressed onto a solid body under hundreds of pounds of pressure and not screwed on or held in place with tiny pins or screws. Our tips will not come off, and they will never move out of place.

Alignment of Broadhead Tip and Blades

When a broadhead’s blades align with the edges of the trocar tip, a lot of stress is taken off the blades. This leaves less chance for failure and breakage and allows the broadhead to penetrate deeper. In addition to better penetration, the tip is also a big reason our broadheads fly true. When our tips are pressed on, we align the cutting surfaces of the tip and the blades which allows for a more precise group of arrows. When using a screw on tip, who knows if individual arrows are going to line up the same way.

How the Science of the SST helps Bowhunters

The pressed-on tip with the flexible blades, all in alignment with one another, results in a more precise and more durable broadhead. If you need to go through bone or cartilage, your broadhead is breaking the bone with the tip in the same place the blades will pass through and this takes stress off the blades. By pre-aligning the edges of the tip with the rise of the blades the broadhead achieves a straight-line path of impact delivering uninterrupted cutting through bone or tissue. See the tip in action in the video below:

GEEK TESTED: Wasp Boss Broadhead from Antler Geeks on Vimeo.