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Week 1: Start a Physical Training Regimen

Jan 1, 2015

Muscles used in Archery


Probably the most important muscles in the entire body are core muscles (lower back, abdomen, hips, pelvis). Having a strong core will keep you balanced and stable on the draw. Good posture equates to more consistent and accurate shots.


Whenever you are pulling, whether it’s opening a door or drawing a bowstring, you are engaging the back. It is the largest muscle group in the upper body and arguably plays the biggest role in shooting a bow.

Shoulders / Chest

The Shoulders and Chest are engaged most prominently by the forehand holding the bow in position. It is important to have strong shoulders to keep a bow steady and held in position.

Chest / Triceps

The chest and triceps oppose the pulling motion of the draw. While one side of the body is engaging the back muscles, the other side pushes and stabilizes with the chest and triceps.

The Workout

The program can be anything that balances strength, endurance and flexibility training, but here is one we created below.

Most of these exercises can be completed with resistance bands, which keep tension all the way through the lift much like a bow string.

Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Core

Exercise Muscles Worked Reps Sets
Chest Press Chest 8-12 3
Front/Lateral Shoulder Raise Shoulders 8-12 3
Cable Crossover Fly Chest 8-12 3
Shoulder Press Shoulders 8-12 3
Tricep Pushdown Tricepts 8-12 3
Planks Core :30-1:00 4

Tuesday: Cardio

Whether you run, swim, bike or walk, take 30-45 minutes to get your heart rate up. The benefits of cardio include relieving muscle soreness and reducing sweat and labored breathing, which mean less human scent for animals to smell.

Wednesday: Dynamic stretching and mobility and rest

Follow these exercises.

Thursday: Back, Legs and Biceps

Exercise Muscles Worked Reps Sets
Seated Cable Row Back 8-12 3
Bent Over Row Back 8-12 3
Lat Pulldown Back/Shoulders 8-12 3
Curls Biceps 8-12 3
Calf Raises Calves 10-14 3
Squats Quads, Glutes 8-12 3

Friday: Cardio

Remember the basic elements of every workout: start with warm ups and stretching, rest a minute between sets and cool down at the end.

Stick with the routine throughout the summer and pair it with healthy eating habits to improve your archery skills and hunting endurance. 

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