The Anatomy of a Wasp Broadhead: The Z-Force

The Wasp Z-Force is the result of simplicity meeting sophistication. These attributes, combined with American-made quality creates the deadliest mechanical broadhead on the market. Here is an up close review of the Z-Force and its features:

Stainless Steel Tip: When we set out to create the ultimate rear-deploying mechanical broadhead, we wanted to separate ourselves from other companies which gave mechanicals a bad name in recent years.  We knew the broadhead couldn’t be flimsy or unreliable. The tip of the Z-force and the ferrule is one-piece of solid steel. The trocar tip is hardened and hollow ground to a near razor edge and is always aligned with the blades. If you need to go through bone, your broadhead is breaking the bone with the tip in the same place the blades will pass through and this takes stress off the blades.

Solid Steel Ferrule: In early product tests, we actually tried an aluminum ferrule, but scrapped it after the blades were falling out. Aluminum was just not strong enough. After we switched to a solid steel ferrule, we tested the design by absolutely torturing it. We started with durability and strength testing, which consisted of shooting the broadhead from a crossbow – so we could put a lot of speed behind it – into layers of plywood. Basically we tortured it to make sure the tip, ferrule and blades could stand up to the task of penetrating bone and cartilage. This is a head you can shoot multiple animals with and just change blades every season or so. The ferrule is tough as nails.

Ball Bearing Blade Deployment System: The use of ball-bearings when blades deploy is where the sophistication of the Z-Force meets the simplicity of the tip and ferrule design. Ball-bearings, by nature, have less friction with the surfaces adjoining other surfaces. The blades open quicker and with more reliability. Also, the ball-bearings allow the blades to act independently from the ferrule itself, and again, allow for faster positive deployment.

Legendary Broadhead Blades: Wasp Archery broadhead blades are known for their toughness. We allow for flexibility – a bend, but don’t break design. The blades are hardened to a point where we can get a razor-sharp edge and have durability, but they are also forgiving on impact. The .036” thick stainless-steel blades give the Z-Force a big 1 5/8" cutting diameter.

Blade Retainer: Nothing fancy here. Just a retention clip that keeps the blades closed in flight and allows them to open on impact. To test the broadhead, we used we used ballistic gel and deer hide to make sure the blades deployed properly every time it was shot. We measured the diameter of entry wounds and wound channels, as well as penetration from a range of bow speeds. There’s no need to adjust the tension of the clip like you do with other rear-deploying broadheads.

Practice Washer: Wasp created a practice system for the Z-Force that holds the blades in the same position they are held in “kill mode.” The steel retaining practice washer used while practicing is the same weight as the plastic clip and washer used while hunting. With the practice washer installed, the blades will not deploy on impact. This will increase the life of your target and make arrow removal easier, while still allowing observation of broadhead flight and the discovery of any tuning issues you may have. 

The WASP Z-Force may be small in size, but it packs a big punch, and the results are lethal. When consistency and strength matter the most, the WASP Z-Force is your broadhead of choice.