The Best 3-Blade Mechanical Broadhead

The photo above show what a Wasp Jak-Hammer looks like after going through BOTH shoulders of a stout, corn-fed 185" Iowa buck. 

There are so many mechanical broadheads –good ones, bad ones and great ones - on the market these days, selecting one can be a challenge. We have done some of the work for you by looking at the reviews on major online retailers to determine the best mechanical broadhead, and compiling the information below to make your search easier.

First, a disclaimer: The broadheads had to have at least 10 reviews so we could consider it “thoroughly tested.” And all pricing and ratings are accurate as of November 2, 2015.

Here are the results: (Price/Stars) (Price/Stars) (Price/Stars)Average (Price/Stars)
Rage Chisel             3-Blade$39.99 (4.3)$39.99 (4.9)$36.27 (4.4)$38.75 (4.53)
Nap Spitfire             3-Blade$39.99 (4.4)$39.99 (4.2)$36.83 (4.7)$38.93 (4.46)
Ramcat Black 3-Blade$39.99 (4.2)$39.99 (4.9)$33.99 (4.4)$37.99 (4.50)
Grim Reaper Whitetail Special$39.99 (4.3)$39.99 (4.3)$31.69 (4.5)$37.22 (4.33)
G5 T3                          $39.99 (4.1)not available$35.73 (4.3)$37.86 (4.20)
Wasp                   Jak-Hammer $29.99 (4.7)$32.99 (4.4)$29.99 (5)$30.99 (4.70)

As the reviews and prices show, the Wasp Jak-Hammer is the clear favorite. It’s also been around the longest. Since 1995 in fact. You don’t sell as many of these broadheads as we do if you are not doing something right.

Your search ends here. Order the Jak-Hammer today, and have confidence that it is the best 3-blade mechanical Brodhead you can put on the end or your arrow.