The Best Broadhead Test: Real Hunts

Nov 1, 2017

Countless test on Wasp broadheads – shooting cinder blocks, metal, shoulder bones and steel-belted tires, just to name a few – have been performed over the years. And the results are usually the same: Wasp’s broadheads are superior in strength, durability and resiliency. They don’t break and the blades remain sharp enough to hunt with. That is, of course, if we can pull them out of the blocks and bone.

Wasp pioneered over-the-top expandable broadheads and they remain arguably the most successful mechanical broadheads of all time. They’re capable of doing hard numbers on hard bones, packing a punch that creates maximum penetration. Not to mention a 2+” entry cut on a broadhead that deploys every time it’s supposed to. While we can stand in the backyard all day shooting whatever hard structures we can find, the only way to truly test a broadhead is in the woods on live animals. The following videos show the results of Wasp broadheads tried and true.

Antler Geeks tortured and tested the Wasp Drone. In their review of the broadhead, they said, “It flies beautifully. It penetrates better than any other head we’ve tested — and we’ve tested an awful lot of them. We simply couldn’t break the thing. Toss in the fact that you can get a 3-pack of heads with two sets of replacement blades for about $30 and you have more than just a fantastic broadhead — you have arguably the best broadhead value available.”

Those tests carried over in the field when Tony Hansen took a shot at a mature Kansas whitetail. In the video, you can hear the broadhead crush bone on its way to a complete pass-through. The deer didn’t go far. Watch for yourself.

“The shot is made with the new Mathews NoCam and a Wasp Drone head, but the results are on par with a shotgun slug to the shoulder.” – Realtree Outdoors

Antler Geeks test the Wasp Jak-Knife and shoot it though a tire and sheets of plywood. They also take it hunting for a real world broadhead test, and the the results are what we expected: Massive entry wounds, superior penetration and bone-breaking power.

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