The Best Fixed-Blade Broadheads

Wasp Archery makes the best fixed-blade broadheads.

Who says? We do. As do the results of test conducted by several media outlets. And so do bowhunters like you.

Any company can make a broadhead that is sharp. They can make a broadhead that is strong, and they can make a broadhead that cuts or flies well. But very few can make a broadhead that stands at the top of its class in each category like Wasp Archery does. When it comes to killing an animal with a bow, the most important thing is to lacerate a vital organ with a broadhead.

Our primary focus when designing fixed-blade broadheads is penetration. Not the ability to create huge entry wounds or how cool it looks (there are some crazy looking broadheads in the tests). We have been doing it since 1971 with a pretty simple formula:

Make the blades razor sharp, align those blades with our cut-on-contact trocar tip, and use the best materials. Because for a broadhead to penetrate, it needs to be hold together when it slams into skin, muscle and bone.

Fixed-Blade Broadhead Tests

To determine who is making the best fixed-blade broadheads today, the media often runs tests and publishes the results. The three comprehensive tests we found were conducted by Outdoor Life, Petersen’s Bowhunting and Iowa Sportsman. Because we wanted a thorough pool of data to wade through, we took the companies that had a broadhead in each test.  Having three competitors in a test says something in itself. It says they are popular. Those five companies were Wasp, Muzzy, NAP, G5 and QAD.

Our methodology for organizing the test data was to score the broadheads "1-5" based on how they finished each test, respectively, then take the average.

Penetration Tests

Each magazine had a different method of testing a broadhead’s penetration performance. In the Outdoor Life test, total penetration was measured by firing broadheads through a composite Ethafoam block with an internal density of 6.0 lbs. per cubic foot. Range was 3 yards.

Petersen’s tested penetration by comparing performance using two kinds of custom-built, block-style targets. One was made of pure foam plates wrapped in plastic film. The other was a three-material combination of rubber-backed carpet, .03-inch sheet metal and foam plates,which were also wrapped with film. 

Iowa Sportsman sectioned off a new foam target and dedicated a 4-inch square to each broadhead to ensure it hit an unshot portion of the target. Penetration depth was then measured. Here’s how the five finished:

ManufacturerOutdoor LifeIowa SportsmanPetersen's
QAD 5 (18.2")5 (12.3")2 (7.01")
Wasp4 (16.3")4 (12.1")5 (7.76")
G5 2 (15.6")2 (10.1")3 (7.12")
NAP2 (15.6")3 (11.5")1 (6.78")
Muzzy3 (16.2")1 (9.6")4 (7.47")

"5"=Best, "1"=Worst (Penetration in inches)

Watch the Wasp Boss pentrate a tire.

​​​Sharpness Tests

Iowa Sportsman did not a have fixed-blade sharpness test, so we only compiled the scores from Outdoor Life and Petersen’s. Outdoor Life used a stereo microscope to grade the blade and point sharpness on each fixed-blade broadhead.

In the Petersen’s test, three blades from each test model (one blade each from three brand new heads) were sent to the Cutlery & Allied Trades Research Association in Sheffeld, England, to measure blade sharpness with the Razor Edge Sharpness Test (REST) machine. The machine measures the amount of force required, in Newtons, to cut through a rubber test medium. The less force required to cut the rubber, the sharper the blade.

ManufacturerOutdoor LifePetersen's

Durability Tests

In the Outdoor Life test, broadheads were graded according to their ability to remain intact when shot through six 5/8-inch sheets of fire-code-rated drywall. Durability scores reflect sustained damage. All five broadheads received the highest rating of “10.”

Iowa Sportsman shot each fixed-blade broadhead through a 3/4-inch sheet of plywood. All five broadheads earned the highest mark - little to no visual or physical damage, broadhead could be used again if sharpened.

Things get a little more interesting in the fixed-blade broadhead test conducted by Petersen’s.     

The hard- impact test was designed to simulate the performance of a head after it encounters and passes through a hard material such as bone. This test was performed at 25 yards, and the impact material was .03-inch sheet metal.  

They then inspected the damage. All five heads penetrated the metal completely. The QAD Exodus showed no damage. The blade edges  of the Wasp Drone were marred and the tip was bent. The Muzzy Phantom SC experienced marred blade edges. The G5 Montec showed a bent tip after penetrating the metal, and the NAP Redneck was missing blades.

To rate the broadheads, we had to assign values to the results. Each broadhead started with a 5. If the blades edges were marred or the tip was bent, we subtracted 1 point from the score. If the blades were missing, we subtracted 3 points from the score. Why the difference? Well, breaking blades when hitting a solid medium is a more damning offense than marred blade edges or a rolled over tip.

And a quick note before we get to the durability results:

We were unable to find three tests that used the exact same broadhead from each company. The G5 Montec CS and the QAD Exodus were used in all three tests. Two of three broadheads were the same though:

Outdoor LifeExodusBossMontec CSHellrazorPhantom SC
Iowa Sportsman​​ExodusBossMontec CSHellrazorTrocar Switch
Petersen's ExodusDroneMontec CSRedneckPhantom SC

This is probably a good thing. While it still gives a picture of a specific broadhead's performance, it also reflects how quality spans across other models sold by the brand. 

Okay, so on to the durability results: 

ManufacturerOutdoor LifeIowa SportsmanPetersen's
QAD 555
G5 554

Watch the Wasp Boss slam into 1/4" thick steel

Grain Weight Consistency

While deviating from the weight marked on a package within a grain or two probably won’t be noticed in the field, this test does give us a picture of the quality of the fixed-blade broadheads coming out of the factory. It basically answers, how precise are the builds?

Each test checked the weight in pretty much the same manner. They weighed all three to see how much they deviated from 100 grains.

ManufacturerOutdoor LifeIowa SportsmanPetersen's
QAD 425
G5 232

Overall Results 

When looking at each test on it’s own, it’s hard to determine what the best fixed-blade broadheads really are. But when you take their scores in each category from multiple sources and average them out, you get a much clearer picture.

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads
MFR PenetrationSharpnessDurabilityConsistencyOverall Score
QAD 43.553.64.025

Fixed-Blade Broadhead Reviews

Still don’t believe that Wasp makes the best fixed-blade broadheads? Let’s look at the reviews. We gathered all the reviews from Amazon, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s for the Wasp Boss, G5 Montec CS, QAD Exodus, Nap Hellrazor and Muzzy Phantom SC. The reviews match the results of the tests above.

To calculate an average review rating, we took the average rating for the broadhead on a site, multiplied it by the number of reviews. We added those results together and divided by the total number of reviews. It looks like this:

(Average Amazon rating X no. of Amazon reviews) + (Average Bass Pro Shops rating X no. of Bass Pro reviews) + (Average Cabela’s rating X No. of Cabela’s reviews) / total no. of reviews = Average Rating

We did this so if a broadhead had only one or two reviews on a site, it wouldn’t affect their average by 33%, but would count as a single review. Here are the fixed-blade broadhead reviews:

Note: Number of reviews are in parenthesis. The data is accurate as of 7/18/16 4.9 (40)

BroadheadAmazonBass Pro ShopsCabela's Average Rating
Wasp Boss5 (3)4.7 (24)4.9 (40)4.83 (67)
QAD Exodus4.8 (22)4.6 (23)5 (1)4.7 (56)
G5 Montec CS4.8 (30)4.1 (69)4.3 (25)4.3 (124)
Muzzy Phantom SC4.7 (6)3.4 (5)1 (1)4.2 (11)
NAP Hellrazor5 (1)4.8 (4)4 (27)4.13 (32)

And one more thing.

One would expect the best-fixed blade broadhead on these lists to probably cost the most. Not hardly.

Below is the cost of a three-pack (as quoted on 7/18/16) plus shipping (to Tennessee) when brought from the manufacturer's website:

Wasp Boss37.994.50$42.49
QAD Exodus39.995.94$45.93
G5 Montec CS46.955.80$52.75
NAP Hellrazor39.994.90$44.89
Muzzy Phantom SC39.957.99$47.94

Plus, the Wasp Boss comes with 2 sets of replacement blades and is manufactured right here in America!

Order the best fixed-blade broadhead now.