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The Hammer Broadhead

Apr 25, 2013

WASP Archery Products hit the nail on the head when it introduced the HAMMER SST fixed broadhead, now one of the top fixed blade broadhead choices among bowhunters. One thing is for certain, bowhunters are a select breed. Like skilled craftsmen, they want the best tools available to accomplish the task at hand, and they are a loyal bunch when they find something that works, like the HAMMER SST.

Featuring the SST smart tip, the HAMMER has been put to the toughness test and passed with flying colors. WASP engineers, through the use of pyrotechnics, shot three HAMMER SST broadheads through 10 steel plates fashioned from the sides of 55-gallon drums, equivalent to 5/16” total thickness. All three broadheads penetrated and held together perfectly.

“The HAMMER SST fixed blade broadhead has been field tested, approved and adopted as the primary choice in an archer’s quiver,” says Guy Weaver, president of WASP Archery Products. “That’s about the strongest endorsement a broadhead can attain. I am proud to say WASP has developed a broadhead that’s made such a significant mark on the archery community.”

The Hammer SST is available in three-blade 75-grain (1 1/8” cutting diameter

.020” blade thickness), 85-grain (1 3/16” cutting diameter – .027” blade thickness), 90-grain (1 3/16” cutting diameter- .027” blade thickness), 100-grain (1 3/16” cutting diameter – .027” blade thickness) and 125-grain (1 3/16” cutting diameter – .027” blade thickness).

Offering superior arrow flight in one of the strongest and best penetrating broadheads ever developed, the HAMMER SST by WASP is without a doubt one tough broadhead.

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