The Rut of 2011

On a recent visit to the Mecca for whitetail hunters known as the Midwest, three Wasp team members learned a little bit about predicting a successful hunt: It’s best not to do it, even when you are confident you’ll get a shot to let your Wasp broadhead fly. From November 14-20, Matt, Zach, and Jake hunted with Hanke’s Hunts in Waterville, Kansas, on what was sure to be a rut-crazed bowhunt. But it just never came to be, for any of them.

The hunt started off with warmer conditions and very little rutting activity. As the full moon died off, the hopes of better chasing conditions were in the back of everyone’s minds. And as the week went on and cooler temperatures came, so did the winds. For the final three days of the hunt, winds ripped through river bottoms, gusting at up to 40 mph. But the hunters never gave up hope. Each one held on tight to their tree and kept searching for a buck that would meet its match with a Wasp broadhead.

Each night the hunters called around asking for reports from other hunters. And the answer was always the same. “The rut just doesn’t seem to be in full-swing yet, and I’m not sure it ever will be this year.”  Not what anyone wanted to hear.

Though many people have had success in 2011, it has been and will be considered one of the strangest seasons for those looking to experience a true rut. Many people blame it on the moon phase or the high temperatures. Some just blame it on bad luck. But one thing is for sure, the rut of 2011 will go down in the books as one that was never just quite right.

And though all things must come to an end, that doesn’t mean it’s ever too early to start looking forward to the rut of 2012. We know one thing, our broadheads will be sharp!