The Wasp SharpShooter: A Deadly Tradition

Traditional bowhunting is a lesson in simplicity. Leaving the cams, set screws and fiber optics to the modern archers, traditionalists want only the necessities – a bow, string, arrow and broadhead that will get the job done.  Do not let the chic design of the Wasp Archery SharpShooter broadhead fool you. It is a primitive and archaic instrument meant to inflict crude devastation on not only deer, elk and moose, but all kinds of big game.

While traditional setups offer less opportunity for failure, they do not have the forgiveness of a modern compound bow. Every component must do its job. The Wasp Archery SharpShooter broadhead is often the last step in a chain of critical operations.

If the bow, archer and arrow have all done their jobs, it is up to the broadhead to close the deal, and Wasp Archery designed the SharpShooter to do exactly that.
The Sharpshooter excels in the moments of hair-raising pressure because it is engineered to be simple. There are no complicated mechanisms to falter. There are no untested, new-age materials promised to be lighter and stronger. Wasp has taken what has worked for years and incorporated it in the design of the SharpShooter head.

The self- aligning blade locking system allows no wiggle room, so arrow flight is consistent and true. It uses a hardened stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blades to the ferrule and keeps the bleeder blades in position. 

The cut-on-contact blades are ready to shave hair right out of the package, and the 1-inch cutting diameter with .040” main blades and .027” bleeder blades blaze massive wound channels and penetrate anything in its path. It's pass-through performance and penetration leaves a thick blood trail to make finding your game easier, no matter the species

No, the SharpShooter is not revolutionary, but Wasp has taken an account of what works and what doesn’t over many years and placed it into a wicked package containing strength, cutting ability and accuracy. When they release the string, traditional archers can have confidence the SharpShooter will work in harmony with the arrow to take down a target, just like it has been done since the earliest days of archery.