Thoughts on Long Range Archery Shots

As modern archery equipment and the technology behind it evolve, a bowhunter’s set up is capable of shooting faster, more accurate arrows a longer distance. Wasp Archery has already noticed a trend in the new season this fall. After hearing hunting reports and stories of compound archers harvesting animals at distances over 60 yards and as far as 85 yards, it seems some are more comfortable with deploying their broadheads from farther and farther away.

Wasp neither endorses nor condemns these long range shots. We believe all hunters have a line of what is right and wrong in their heart and their head, and that line is not in the same place for all, but we know when we cross it. If a hunter is confident in their abilities to humanely harvest an animal with a bow from yardages that high, more power to them. But we can’t ignore that the margin for error at these ranges is high. Bow tuning, broadhead flight characteristics and conditions of the shot must align perfectly before releasing an arrow.

So as your quest of filling this year’s tags is just about to or has just begun, remember the duty all bowhunters need oblige by – to learn how to operate our gear properly and use sound judgment in the outdoors to make sure the shots we take are ethical.

If you need a reminder or a quick refresh on shooting do’s and don’ts, be sure to check out our videos on shot placement, our tips for bow and broadhead tuning and articles on how to practice the craft of archery to keep your bowhunting skills sharp. We know any of our broadheads placed in the quiver of responsible, skilled and reasonable hunters will perform its job of harvesting an animal compassionately, and they will play a part of many kills this season. We look forward to hearing your stories.