Try a New Broadhead

We are broadhead junkies. We love shooting them and we love testing them in different situations. We know there are a lot of bowhunters who share our affinity for broadheads. That’s why we are now offering a customizable 3-Pack of Wasp Broadheads.

Select any three broadheads from our product line and we send you one of each to play around with. There’s no more buying a whole 3-pack to find out it isn’t the best broadhead for your setup.

Let’s say you want to test the accuracy of a fixed-blade vs. a mechanical blade broadhead from your bow, or if a 125-grain broadhead increases the penetration of your arrow when compared to a 100-grain broadhead. Now you can without spending a bunch of money on broadheads that may never fill your quiver. 

Build your 3-Pack here and have more confidence in the broadhead you thread on the end of your arrow.