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Tuning a Bow Step 2: Check for Cam Rotation

Mar 15, 2013

Tuning a compound bow can be complex, but it is important for achieving perfect broadhead flight. You can have the fastest bow on earth, but if it doesn’t send your broadhead to the target accurately, it does no good. The good news is, improperly tuned bows can be corrected with adjustments. Some adjustments you can make yourself, while others may require a trip to the local bow shop. Understanding what you need to adjust and how to get your bow tuned correctly is the first task. During the next few months, Wasp Archery will be publishing tips to get your bow ready for fall. Follow along and by opening day, you will have a bow, arrow and broadhead working in perfect synergy.    

Tuning a Bow Step 2: Check for Cam Rotation

How to inspect your string and cable was explained in Step 1 of this bow tuning guide. If you determined that your string does not need to be replaced, there is still a possibility that the string has stretched. Even a little stretch can cause the cam(s) to rotate and disrupt proper cam timing. Cam rotation will also shift your peep sight alignment and nocking point. This is a big cause of poor broadhead flight, but it can be fixed by twisting the string to create more tension on the limbs and cams. If you have the knowledge and tools, you can fix these issues yourself. However, taking your bow to a reputable pro shop where a technician can get your bow back to factory specifications is recommended.

Before you take your bow to the shop, here are some observations you can make at home to determine if you cams are not properly tuned due to string stretch:

1. Your peep sight has rotated out of alignment.

2. Your bows axle-to-axle length and brace height has changed:

Use a tape measure and measure from axle-to- axle with the limb bolts tightened to the max. Also, measure the brace height from the center of the Berger Button (where the rest screws into) in the riser to the string. If the bow is out of factory specifications due to string stretch, your measurements of axle-to-axle will read longer and the brace height will read shorter.

Fixing cam rotation and cam timing is not too difficult, but it is important to assure your broadheads fly true and your bow setup is operating at maximum efficiency.

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