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Tuning a Bow Step 4: Installing and Aligning a Peep Sight

Apr 15, 2013

Tuning a compound bow can be complex, but it is important for achieving perfect broadhead flight. You can have the fastest bow on earth, but if it doesn’t send your broadhead to the target accurately, it does no good. The good news is, improperly tuned bows can be corrected with adjustments. Some adjustments you can make yourself, while others may require a trip to the local bow shop. Understanding what you need to adjust and how to get your bow tuned correctly is the first task. During the next few months, Wasp Archery will be publishing tips to get your bow ready for fall. Follow along and by opening day, you will have a bow, arrow and broadhead working in perfect synergy.    

An out-of-kilter peep sight can interfere with your natural shooting form. When a bowhunter sets up to make a shot, all the mechanics should feel like second nature. If you have to alter your anchor point to look through the peep sight, it needs to be adjusted. Below is a video that shows the proper way to install and align a peep sight. We transcribed some of the key steps so it is easier to follow, but make sure to watch the video. It contains many useful peep sight tips. Before you tackle step 4 of the ultimate bow tuning guide, make sure you complete these previous steps first.

Steps for perfect Peep Sight Alignment: 

1. Use a string spreader to split the bowstring perfectly in half. If your string is two colors, its strands are typically divided evenly among the different colors. Separating by color is more visually attractive, too.

2. Install the peep sight by inserting the strands of strings into the grooves of the peep sight.

3. Tie a few half hitch knots using dental floss or bowstring material. This is a temporary knot that will allow for easy peep adjustment until you find exactly where the peep needs to be permanently anchored.

4. To fit the peep’s location to your form and anchor spot, draw your bow back. Once you are at full-draw, close your eyes and anchor the string as you normally would. Then open your eyes. You should be looking right through the peep sight. If not, adjust the peep sight accordingly and repeat this step until the peep sight is perfectly aligned with your line of sight.

5. Follow the steps in the video below to secure the peep site where it needs to be. 

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