Tuning a Bow Step 8: Spin Test Arrows

Aug 8, 2013

Tuning a compound bow can be complex, but it is important for achieving perfect broadhead flight. You can have the fastest bow on earth, but if it doesn’t send your broadhead to the target accurately, it does no good. The good news is, improperly tuned bows can be corrected with adjustments. Some adjustments you can make yourself, while others may require a trip to the local bow shop. Understanding what you need to adjust and how to get your bow tuned correctly is the first task. During the next few months, Wasp Archery will be publishing tips to get your bow ready for fall. Follow along, and by opening day, you will have a bow, arrow and broadhead working in perfect synergy.    

Tuning a Bow Step 8: Spin Test Arrows

Before we start shooting the bow, we want to make sure we are working with a full deck of cards. An important part of bow tuning is checking the weight and straightness of you arrows. It doesn’t matter if you selected heavy or light arrows, Blazers or feather fletching, or mechanical or fixed-blade broadheads – your arrow setup should be tested to make sure they spin true. You should perform this test every time you install a broadhead because each time you screw a broadhead into the arrow’s insert, there’s a possibility it will seat differently, but it’s usually nothing a little fine tuning won’t fix. To make sure you are shooting a straight arrow, follow the steps below.

1. If you have not yet installed your broadhead and other arrow components, do that first.

2. Spin test each arrow using a flat surface that allows the broadhead and fletching to overhang or use an arrow spinner like this one from Pine Ridge.

3. Roll the arrow along the surface and watch for wobbling.  If the arrow seems to be wobbling where the broadhead meets the shaft, remove the broadhead, head the insert and thread on the broadhead again. If it continues to wobble, it’s likely the shaft is bent or the insert is glued in crooked.

If the arrow wobbles on the nock side, be sure the nock is aligned and extra glue around the fletching is not causing the arrow to be out-of-balance.

It’s essential that you continue these tests throughout the season and every time you replace your broadheads. Now that we know our arrows are straight and balanced, we are ready to start shooting in the next step. Stay tuned!

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