Wasp Archery Deer-of-the-Year Contest Winners

There were many incredible deer shot with Wasp broadheads this season. It was hard to pick just five winners, but after judging the stories and photos, the Wasp staff has voted and here are the winners of the Wasp Archery Deer-of-the-Year contest.

Grand Prize: Season Starter buck (Photo)
Hunter: Ryan Gardner
State: Kansas
Broadhead: Jak-Hammer SST
I have watched this buck for 4 years. I knew he had the potential of being a monster buck when I first seen him at 2 1/2 years old. I held out and did not hunt him for 4 years. I am very thankful that a neighbor did not shoot him during that time. The trail camera picture of this buck showed he put on 25" of antler since last year. Last year, he was an 11 point that scored in the neighborhood of 165". This year, he blew up into a 5 1/2 year-old, 17-pointer that scored 190". On October 26, 2012, I decided to get into the stand for the first time of the year since we had a cold front move in. I had been in the stand for about two hours when this buck came out from behind a cedar tree like a ghost. It didn't take me long to realize this was the one I was after. I quickly grabbed my bow and drew on the buck without looking at his antlers. I didn't want to get nervous by looking at his antlers too long. I buried a Wasp Jak-hammer SST 1 3/4" cut broadhead through both lungs. The buck did not run 100 yards before expiring. This is truly a buck of a lifetime and I owe it to Wasp. I have shot Wasp for many years and I just can't find another broadhead that I like more. Of all expanding broadheads, I believe Wasp has the thickest and sharpest blades on the market. I am so happy that Wasp continues to produce the Jak-hammer SST 1 3/4" cut broadheads. Thanks again Wasp!

2nd Place: Giant Iowa Buck (Photo)
Hunter: Brian Skellenger
State: Iowa
Broadhead: Boss
After being teased with trail cam photos of the monster buck during the summer and early season, Brian finally laid his own eyes on the beast on an early morning hunt just as the pre-rut phase was starting to affect deer movement in the Iowa woods. Shortly after, he introduced the buck to his Wasp Boss fixed-blade broadhead. You can read the whole story here.

3rd Place: Kentucky Kicker (Photo)
Hunter: Christopher Gaines
State: Kentucky
Broadhead: Jak-Hammer Select-A-Cut
Christopher is 16 years old, and this was his first buck killed with a bow! The 153 3/8” scoring main-frame 8-point buck with 3-kickers is an incredible way to start a bowhunting career.

4th Place: Gun Season Bow Buck (Photo)
Hunter: Travis Knorr
State: Missouri
Broadhead: Hammer SST
Taking a mature buck with a bow is hard enough. Doing it with the additional hunting pressure during gun season is remarkable. Travis shot this deer at 35 yards and it went down in sight. “I know if I do my part, Wasp broadheads will do theirs,” said Travis.   

5th Place: Anniversary Buck (Photo)
Hunter: Mark Austin
State: Kentucky
Broadhead: Jak-Hammer SST
This Western Kentucky 9-Pointer was the 44th deer I have harvested since 2000 when I began using the Wasp Jak-Hammer. This is the 2nd buck I have harvested from the same tree, on the same date. November 4th is quickly becoming my favorite day of the year.

Thanks to all who entered and we look forward to another season of hunting with you!