Wasp Archery Hunt-of-a-lifetime Moose Hunt Winner

Dannie Burkholder has harvested many animals with a bow and broadhead since the Minnesota native starting hunting at the age of 7. Burkholder, 32, has trophies of deer, bear, elk, antelope, hogs, turkeys and a host of other animals to his credit, but there is a glaring absence on the list: A moose.  As the winner of the Wasp Hunt-of-a-Lifetime Giveaway, Burkholder will finally get a chance to hang a Moose on his wall.

“Every year I apply for moose tags in Minnesota, but have never drawn a tag,” said Burkholder. “When I found out I won, it was overwhelming. I couldn’t get over it. Finally, I get to go on a moose hunt. At first I thought it was a scam or something.”

This is no scam. Burkholder was randomly drawn for the sweepstakes entries. Wasp Archery has partnered with Turnagain Adventures to give Burkholder, an active Army National Guard soldier who has served two tours in Iraq, an archery moose hunt in the wilds of British Columbia.

Burkholder comes from a family where everyone hunts. His dad, brothers, mother and girlfriend are passionate about bowhunting. He has been to Ontario a few times for bear hunts, but never to British Columbia.

“I will be going on this trip, whether I have to take out a small loan or beg, borrow and steal to buy the plane ticket,” said Burkholder, a construction worker when he is not serving in the military. “The outfitters said there is a good chance of a trophy as long as I am patient.”

Wasp will keep you posted on Burkholder’s hunt and hopefully he will come back with some great photos, great antlers and great memories. Wasp is honored to give Burkholder the chance at his first moose.