Wasp Archery Releases New Crossbow Boss

Finally a broadhead made with today’s crossbow hunter in mind. After all, it doesn’t matter how technologically advanced your new crossbow is…if your bolt is tipped with something reminiscent of the Stone Age, you might as well be throwing rocks. WASP Archery Products had developed the Crossbow BOSS fixed blade broadhead to significantly enhance your crossbows’ performance.

Equipped with a 1-1/8” cutting diameter, the Crossbow BOSS takes all the great qualities of its older brother and brings them to the crossbow enthusiasts. The Crossbow BOSS, available in 100-grain, 3-blade with a .027” thickness, combines a short, aerodynamic ferrule and vented blades along with a durable SST trocar tip to create the most reliable crossbow head in today’s market.

According to Guy Weaver, president of WASP Archery Products, “The crossbow market demanded that broadhead manufacturers step up to the plate and create a broadhead capable of performing to the same efficiency level as modern crossbows. WASP Archery Products has met that demand with the Crossbow BOSS fixed blade broadhead.”

Crossbow hunters can enter the woods with confidence this fall knowing they are shooting a broadhead designed specifically for crossbow dynamics. No longer are they forced to use broadheads intended for conventional arrows with less than desirable results. Every archer knows that each component must compliment the other. Success in hunting seldom comes easy; you have to work at it. Stack the odds in your favor… make sure you have the Crossbow BOSS in your quiver.

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