Wasp Broadhead Maintenance and Storage

The season is winding down and you may be ready to put your Wasp broadheads away for the season. Yes, we know this deed will lead to cases of separation anxiety, but it is just another symptom of cabin fever and will be eased when the next hunting opportunity comes a knocking. But before you prop your bow case in the corner, take a few steps to ensure your broadheads are ready to go hunting the next time you are.

For many, the preparation for the upcoming season starts with a surprise when they open their bow case after it has been out of use for some time only to find the elements have seized, oxidized and tormented their broadheads. This is no way to start a promising season, but with some simple care, it can be avoided.

Proper storage of Wasp broadheads starts at the conclusion of the season’s last hunt. Unscrew broadheads from the arrows and disassemble. Even in a quiver, broadheads can be a magnet for dirt and grime. A tooth brush and some hot water will aid in removing particles and grime.

Next, inspect each component. Spin the ferrule on a flat surface to make sure it is still straight. Test the edge of blades for sharpness and replace blades if necessary. Make sure the O-rings have some elasticity and are not dry-rotted if you are shooting the Jakhammer.

Once the integrity of the broadhead is verified, thoroughly dry the parts and reassemble. Store the broadheads in a protective container like the Wasp Nest to securely hold them in place during travel. The case also protects them from the environment and keeps spare blades, O-rings and collars from disappearing. Store in a place away from the reach of children, where conditions are relatively stable and you can locate when the next adventure beckons.

We strive to make Wasp broadheads durable, long-lasting and resilient, but Mother Nature will eventually impact even the strongest materials. A little prudence does not hurt to assure your heads will fly straight, penetrate deep and inflict maximum wounds next season.