Wasp Buzz at the Archery Trade Show

The first days of the 2012 ATA Show in Columbus, Ohio, has been a great experience for Wasp Archery. Broadhead enthusiasts are parading through the booth to talk about their old favorites like the Jak-Hammer, Boss, Bullet, Hammer and Sharp Shooter heads, as well as learn about the new Wasp Z-Force and Queen broadheads.

“There is a lot of interest in the Z-force,” Said Zach Weaver, vice president of sales and marketing. “People are really impressed with the innovative features behind it. Also, the Queen, dressed up in its pink packaging is drawing attention from the women bowhunters who finally have a broadhead built for them and their bows.”

We have heard many stories of hunters using a Wasp head to shoot thier first deer, whether it was this season, 40 years ago or somewhere in-between. Wasp even had a visitor stop by the booth to show off his tattoo of a Wasp Hammer. We are having a great time spreading the word of Wasp’s dedication to customer service and quality products.

As a result of the re-branding campaign Wasp underwent a year ago, the word on the street and around the show is: “Wasp is Back.” But, Wasp never really left. They are still the most innovative broadhead company.  The new Z-Force and Queen backs that statement up. The products are still being made in America, delivering American quality products with attention to detail and excellence.

Wasp has known this about their broadheads and brand for a while, but the shows give the opportunity to demonstrate this to dealers, consumers and archery fanatics. The show season is off to a great start and we will be on the road for the next few months. Be sure to stop by a show near you and experience the “new” Wasp Archery for yourself.

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