Wasp Crossbow Boss: A Broadhead designed for Crossbow Hunting

Jun 25, 2013

More crossbow hunters will step into the woods this fall with bolts and broadheads than ever before. Multiple states have opened the regular and late archery seasons to crossbow hunting. With states opening up more opportunities for crossbow enthusiasts, crossbow hunting is rising in popularity. The Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association reports about an 80% increase in nationwide crossbow sales since 2006.

The growing crossbow market demanded that broadhead manufacturers step up to the plate and create a broadhead capable of performing to the same efficiency level as modern crossbows. After all, it doesn’t matter how sophisticated and technologically advanced your crossbow is if your bolt is tipped with something reminiscent of a Flintstones episode. In response to this need, Wasp Archery now offers the Crossbow Boss broadhead to significantly enhance your crossbows’ performance.

Like its fixed-blade older brother, the 1-1/8” cutting diameter Crossbow Boss features a short, aerodynamic ferrule ideal for the flight characteristics of a bolt fired from a crossbow. The vented blades also diminish planning issue substantially. These features allow the fixed-blade to act more like a mechanical broadhead without reliability and strength issues.

With a .027” stainless steel blade, the crossbow boss is constructed with durability and penetration in mind. The bone crushing Trocar SST tip is the most durable on the market, and when added to the design of the blades and ferrule, crossbow enthusiasts will find this broadhead to be the most reliable and deadly head available.

Crossbow hunters can enter the woods this fall knowing they are equipped with a broadhead designed specifically for crossbow dynamics. Using the right broadhead for the job, they no longer have to use broadheads intended for conventional arrows yielding subpar results. Every archer knows success often hinges on the small details. Stack the odds in your favor and outfit your quiver with bolts sporting the perfect complimenting component – A Wasp Archery Crossbow Boss.

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