Wasp Drone Blows Through Shoulder of Deer

We love broadhead tests as much as anyone, but we don’t hunt plywood or tires or steel drums. We hunt animals. And when our broadheads pass the real world test of crashing through bone, we are proud. Sure, a perfect double-lung shot is the goal of every bowhunter and any broadhead will kill a deer when placed perfectly through the vitals, but things happen. The wind grabs the arrow, the deer jumps the string…there are so many factors that carry an arrow off target and this when choosing the best broadhead becomes so important. That’s when Wasp Broadheads really shine. We are not advocating taking irresponsible shots. We just know that even shots that seem perfect right before release may be flawed.

Here is a video of the new Wasp Drone solid-steel fixed-blade broadhead passing through a rutting buck. Tony Hansen of Antler Geeks delivers a shot and the buck goes down hard.

“The shot is made with the new Mathews NoCam and a Wasp Drone head but the results are on par with a shotgun slug to the shoulder.” realtree.com