Wasp Hammer SST Named Most Aerodynamic Broadhead

Customers tell us all the time that our fixed-blade broadheads are the best flying broadheads they have ever used. So, it was no surprise when we read the results of Petersen’s Bowhunting’s article titled, 2012 Head-to-Head Broadhead Test: Part I: fixed-blade heads.

The broadhead test included a Drag/Flight Characteristics analysis which used a Velocitip – a machine that calculates in-flight arrow performance – to measure the drag a broadhead creates when shot from 50 yards. Keep in mind, aerodynamics is a branch of dynamics concerned with studying the motion of air, particularly when it interacts with a solid object, such as the blades of a broadhead. Increase in a broadhead’s drag creates unstable flight characteristics and robs kinetic energy.

Below are the results of the broadhead test measuring drag and kinetic energy:

“Drag is measured in milli-g, or G-force. For example, a head with drag result of 1,123 would be expressed as 1,123 milli-g, or 1.123 Gs. The less drag a broadhead has, the more aerodynamic it is. Retained energy is expressed as a percentage. The lower the drag, the more energy a broadhead will retain and the better it will perform. To further put these results into context, consider this: an increase in drag of approximately 400 milli-g will result in roughly two inches of additional arrow drop at 50 yards.”

Control: Fieldpoint

Percentage of retained energy: 86.9

Drag (Milli-Gs): 966

Rankings of the Most Aerodynamic Broadheads

1. Wasp Hammer SST

Percentage of retained energy: 86.3

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,023

Cutting Diameter: 1-3/16"

2. QAD Exodus

Percentage of retained energy: 85.9

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,041

Cutting Diameter: 1-1/4"

3. Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock

Percentage of retained energy: 85.7

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,072

Cutting Diameter: 1-1/8"

4. G5 Montec

Percentage of retained energy: 85.3

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,091

Cutting Diameter: 1"

5. Innerloc Carbon Tuner

Percentage of retained energy: 85.2

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,102

Cutting Diameter: 1-1/16”

6. Fulton Ramcat

Percentage of retained energy: 85.1

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,096

Cutting Diameter: 1-3/8”

7. Clean Shot Hollow Point

Percentage of retained energy: 84.9

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,058

Cutting Diameter: 1-1/4”

8. Muzzy MX-3

Percentage of retained energy: 84.8

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,119

Cutting Diameter: 1-1/4”

9. Tru-Fire T1

Percentage of retained energy: 84.7

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,144

Cutting Diameter: 1-1/8”

10. NAP Thunderhead

Percentage of retained energy: 84.1

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,179

Cutting Diameter: 1-3/16"

11. SlickTrick Magnum

Percentage of retained energy: 83.5

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,223

Cutting Diameter: 1-1/8"

12. Allen Lil Nasty

Percentage of retained energy: 82.5

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,304

Cutting Diameter: 1"

13. Carbon Express MS

Percentage of retained energy: 81.9

Drag (Milli-Gs): 1,347

Cutting Diameter: 1-1/8"

So, there you have it. The Wasp Hammer SST was proven to be the most aerodynamic broadhead in its class, according to Peterse’s Bowhunting. It’s just another feature of Wasp broadheads you can check off in the win column along with the tough-as-nails SST pressed-on head, the sharpest blades and made-in-America quality.

Sometimes we don’t get a lot of press in magazines because we don’t spend a lot of advertising dollars with them, but every once in a while, a publication will do a review based on facts, and you are likely to see Wasp Archery at the top of list.