Wasp Replacement Blades

Replacement blades for Wasp broadheads blades are now available online. Wasp has always been more than happy to sell the blades to customers who emailed or called asking for them, but now, getting that factory edge back on all your heads can be arranged in our online store.

There has always been a demand for replacement blades. Not because the blades are fragile or easy-to-dull, but because the tips and ferrules last so long. Although we have heard stories of many deer shot with the same blades, we recommend replacing the blades so there is no doubt you have a razor-sharp Wasp broadhead when you are in the field.

The replacement blades are easy to assemble. On fixed-blade models, simply unscrew the arrow from the shaft, remove the retainer washer at the rear of the ferrule, and lift the old blades out of the slotted ferrule. With the blades removed, now would be a good time to remove any debris and clean the body of the broadhead. Once the broadhead is clean, place one replacement blade at a time into the slotted body. The front stepdown tip of the blade sets under the steel nose. When set properly, the blade will be flush with the back end of the braodhead. You can now install the retainer washer onto the rear of the ferrule and screw (it is recommended that a broadhead wrench be used) the assembled broadhead onto an arrow. The pressure of the arrow shaft against the heel of the blades locks them firmly in place. You are now ready to hunt!

To change the blades on the new Wasp Z-Force, refer to the video here.

Wasp Archery takes prides in our customer service and American-made broadheads, but it is always handy to have a few sets of replacement blades ready to go when you are stacking up deer during the season. Check out the full line of blades for your favorite Wasp broadhead here.