Wasp Z-Force Mechanical Broadhead

Wasp fans, meet the Z-Force mechanical broadhead

Weighing in at 100 grains, the Wasp Z-Force broadhead features a unique ball-bearing system to insure zero chance of failure and proper blade deployment with every shot. A 1-5/8-inch cutting diameter inflicts gaping wound channels. This, along with its solid-steel ferrule and three blades makes it the most lethal expandable head on the market today.

Wasp has spent an ample amount of time concentrating on the design tweaks and the construction of the Z-Force. Mission accomplished. The head has been perfected, and the Z-force is ready to be deployed to stores nationwide and is currently available in our store.

If you are looking for a broadhead that will hit the same accuracy marks in the field as your practice tips did at the range, check out the low-profile, rear-deploying blades and supreme arrow flight of the Wasp Z-force.