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Wasp’s Best Turkey Broadheads

Mar 14, 2022

Wasp’s Best Turkey Broadheads

Turkeys are a unique game bird that many bowhunters take for granted, until they hunt them. A gobbler has the ability to change the way he presents his vitals more than any other critter you can chase with a bow. And it’s not as simple as deciding if he is in strut or not. Slight twists or turns of the body will make a huge difference when the vital area is roughly the size of a baseball. Spending some time learning gobble anatomy before you hunt them is a great idea. And always remember that correct shot placement requires a very careful look at the bird before you let the arrow go.

Mechanical Broadheads

A lot of turkey archers assume the best turkey broadhead is determined by cutting diameter, as it gives a greater margin of error. There is good reasoning behind that idea but accuracy should always be the first box you check. No amount of cutting diameter can offset a wobbly arrow. The Wasp Jak Knife with a 2” cut or the 3-blade Jak Hammer with an 1-3/4” cut are great turkey broadheads. Both of those mechanical broadheads have been proven to open consistently and fly exceptionally well. Honestly, the time-tested Jak Hammer is very hard to beat in the turkey woods.

Fixed Blade Broadheads

If your preference is for fixed blades, you should be looking for as much cutting diameter as you can get while maintaining stable, accurate flight. The Havalon and Drone broadheads all come to mind but you might want to consider the Boss 4-blade. This powerhouse head with an extra blade is a great choice for maximizing internal damage while maintaining excellent flight. You lose some cutting diameter with a fixed blade but no one will argue the durability of your choice.

Sharpshooter Broadheads

If your turkey bowhunting is more old school and your bow of choice is a recurve or longbow, you should check out Wasp’s Sharpshooter Family of broadheads. These cut-on-contact fixed blade heads have been proven on all sorts of game, turkeys included. Available in 100, 150 and 200-grain options, they all feature replaceable main and bleeder blades and can be shot with or without the bleeder blades. The new for ‘22 200-grain head features a single bevel grind on the main blade. You’re thinking that might be a little overkill for turkeys but a direct hit on a tougher than you think thigh bone might stall lesser heads. You’re giving up a lot of advantage to self-limit and hunt with a traditional bow but your turkey broadhead should give never up anything in accuracy or durability.

All the turkey broadheads mentioned here will also work great on deer in the fall. A savvy archer could use spring time to dial in a new set up while experiencing some great ground level hunting excitement. Remember to strive for a super close shot and take an extra few seconds to determine the proper shot placement.

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