Z-Force Broadhead Reviews by Hunters

Wasp prefers to let our broadheads speak for themselves. It has not taken long for bowhunters around the country to let us know what they think of reviews of the new Wasp Z-Force mechanical broadhead. We don’t rely on overhyped marketing, celebrity endorsements or wider profit margins of overseas manufacturing to succeed as a broadhead manufacturer. Our focus is on creating The Ultimate Broadhead – made in America and used by archers who are more interested in results than advertisements. We let pictures and our customers’ stories do the talking for us. Here’s what they are saying about the new Z-Force:

“Shot a doe. Big entrance Hole. Complete pass-through.”

- Larry H., North Carolina via the Wasp Kill Count

“12 yd. shot- buck ran 20 yds. and fell over. Never knew what hit him!!!”

- Pat S., Oklahoma, via the Wasp Kill Count

“Here is a picture of my bear I shot on Sunday night with a Z-Force. The broad head worked outstanding. The bear only went 50 yards before going down in sight.”

-Dannie B., Minnesota, via Facebook

“I shot a head comparable to the design of the Z-Force for years. After losing a few animals due to poor broadhead performance, I switched to the Z-Force. It is like the head I used to shoot, but on steroids!”

-Dave M., Illinois via the Wasp Kill Count

This is just a sampling of the Wasp Z-Force reviews and success stories. We expect to hear many more as bowhunters discover just how deadly the Z-Force is for hunting whitetails during the fall.

With bow technology rapidly advancing, Wasp created the Z-Force to keep up with the increasing speed and power of bows. The trocar tip leads the way for the stainless steel blades, which deploy from a compact field tip profile to a large 1-5/8" cutting diameter upon impact. The result is fantastic wound penetration and a massive blood trail, which aids in quick recovery.

Your broadhead, as the business end of the arrow, will make or break your hunt. With the WASP Z-Force handling the business for you, you have nothing to worry about. We’ve heard the stories and seen pictures that prove it!