Z-Force Silences Broadhead Critics

The knock on mechanical broadheads has always been that they are unreliable, too flimsy and too complicated to match the effectiveness of their fixed-blade cousins. Not anymore. The Wasp Z-force, built on the precedence set by the Wasp Jak-Hammer, has toned down the critics of expandable broadheads in the fixed-blade vs. mechanical debate.

With a thickness of .036”, the three blades of the Z-force rival the blade thickness of some of the stoutest fixed-blades on the market. This, along  with the Z-Force’s stainless steel construction, alleviates the concerns of toughness once associated with the deploy-on-contact heads. Some doubted that a low-profile broadhead that handles more like a field tip could power through flesh, cartilage and even bone. But, rest assured, Wasp designed the Z-Force with a 1-5/8” cutting diameter  to pierce and penetrate anything that comes in the way of a clean pass-through.  No longer will archers have to choose between sturdiness and sleek when they choose a Z-Force or Jak-Hammer from Wasp –destruction packaged in an aerodynamic form.

Speaking of aerodynamics, the flight characteristics of the Z-Force are closer to your field points because they lessen wind-planing issues. Here’s a quick refresher in aerodynamics 101: If you remove the wing from the front of the arrow, or decrease the size of the wing, you eliminate or reduce the chance of a malfunction. The Z-Force was born with this concept in mind and the goal was to create a broadhead that works in combination with a well-tuned arrow to eliminate the variables of aerodynamic setbacks. With the strength and flight issues addressed, Wasp moved along in the development process and focused on the reliability of the Z-Force.

“Wasp understands that no feeling is worse to a bowhunter – after all the time, sweat and work dedicated into their passion, whether it is at the range or in the field  - than having to blame their gear for misadventures.” says Zach Weaver, designer of the Z-Force. “We get it. You did your job and you expect the same from your broadhead. That is why the rear-deploying Z-Force utilizes ball bearings and a solid clip blade retainer. “

The ball-bearing system ensure proper blade opening on every shot. When a mechanical head opens from the back forward, it acts more like a fixed-blade head on impact.  This, along with the ball-bearings, means less of the arrow’s energy is robbed to open the blades and more of it is available to penetrate the animal. The retainer secures the blades during flight.

Wasp is not trying to convert fixed-blade supporters to mechanical shooters. But, we saw that expandables were not going away anytime soon, even with the poor designs and inferior manufacturing that plagued the shelves of your broadhead dealer. We simply wanted to improve the concept and give those hunters choosing to shoot a mechanical a better option in the form of the Z-Force.