Boss - 4 blade

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The BOSS fixed-blade broadhead features a shortened aerodynamic ferrule, reduced blade surface area and SST tip alignment. The result is a very forgiving and accurate shooting arrow that delivers a sharp, strong, deep penetrating broadhead with the Cut-On-Contact trocar tip right on target.

Comes in a 3-pack that includes 2 sets of replacement blades.

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Stainless Smart Tip

Stainless Smart Tip

The edges of the SST tip line up with each blade and paves the way through bone and tissue, creating pathways for the blades to follow, resulting in better penetration. Not held together by tiny screws or pins, but pressed onto the ferrule, it will never come off or out of alignment. It’s one Smart tip!

Razor Sharp Blades Wasp

Razor Sharp Blades

In 1971, we created the first replaceable blade broadhead, and have been improving them ever since. We harden our blades to a point where we can get a razor-sharp edge while still being flexible and not brittle. This allows them to bend and not break if they have to crash through bone.

Reputation Award Wasp

Reputation Award

Broadheads live or die by their performance. Advertising and celebrity endorsements only keep a broadhead on the shelf for so long. Eventually word gets around at the archery shop. Our line of broadheads includes models that have been around for 20-plus years, and are still getting 5-star reviews.

One-Piece Slotted Ferrule Wasp

One-Piece Slotted Ferrule

The ferrules are the backbone of our broadhead designs, keeping everything in perfect alignment and minimizing flight issues. They are strong, always perfectly straight and designed to make changing blades simple. And none of our ferrules are of a powered process like many of our competitors.

Reviews( 2 )

by Austin Carpenter

Like all other Wasp heads, they are super sharp! Bound to make a killer wound channel. Can’t wait to see the results. Will check back in when the opportunity comes

by Clint Freeman

If your looking for sharpness out of the box, look no further. WASP is as sharp as they come. I bought some of these a couple years back and couldn’t get them to fly right on my compound so I put them on my dads crossbow. They shot like darts. He killed two deer with them and one passed through a shoulder blade and out the other side. Destroyed the bolt but the head not a scratch.