The new Dueler 2-blade mechanical broadhead allows hunters to choose the right cutting diameter for the situation. Grain: 100 Cutting Diameter: 1.5" - 2"

Crossbow Broadheads - Crossbow Boss

Crossbow Boss

This broadhead combines a short, aerodynamic ferrule and vented blades withthe most durable trocar tip on the market in the SST to create the most reliable crossbow head in today’s market.

Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead - Jak-X


The Jak-X Crossbow is a mechanical broadhead designed to best meet the demands of crossbow hunters. The Stainless Steel Smart Tip (SST) is pre-aligned with three stainless steel blades ensuring maximum penetration by creating a straight cutting path through anything that gets in its way.

Crossbow Broadhead - Sledgehammer


The Sledgehammer crossbow broadhead features a solid steel ferrule tipped with Wasp’s bone-crushing stainless steel trocar tip. The 150-grain broadhead has a 1” cutting diameter and cuts through anything that gets in the way.