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Now hunters have a 2 blade expandable broadhead they can rely on in multiple situations. The Dueler mechanical broadhead features Select-A-Cut technology, which allows hunters to set their cutting-diameter at 1.5” or 2+”. By simply rotating the Select-A-Cut washer, the two .036 stainless steel blades can be set to open at their preferred diameter. For crossbows shooting 400 fps or faster, simply add an additional O-ring. The Dueler is a 100-grain head and comes in a 3-pack.

Uses #2909 replacement blades. To purchase replacement blades, click here, then select "1 3/4" - 100 grain" option. 

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Adjustable Cutting Diameter Wasp

Adjustable Cutting Diameter

Now bowhunters can match the cutting diameter of their broadheads to their situation, the game they are after or their bow setup without having to change blades or broadheads. By simply rotating a washer, the blades will open to the desired cutting diameter.

Max Cutting Surface Wasp

Max Cutting Surface

Mechanical broadheads allow for more cutting surface, which equals more damage. With our all-American stainless steel blades that hold tough during penetration, you can be sure you are making the most of big-cutting broadheads.

O-Ring System Wasp

O-Ring System

Our O-Ring System requires the least energy for deployment while offering the most reliability. Once the O-Ring deploys, the blades are allowed to release simultaneously, unlike independent blade locking systems, which require each blade to deploy independently. Made of super tough neoprene, the O-Ring material will never weather, crack or break down, even in freezing temperatures.

Field Point Accuracy Wasp

Field Point Accuracy

All our heads are designed to fly perfectly when shot from a well-tuned bow, but some of our heads feature a compact, reduced surface area to be more forgiving. Because let’s face it, things happen, tuning issues arise, and you still need to hit where you are aiming.

Reviews( 5 )

by Daniel Hubbard

This broadhead is bad news to any animal in its path!  You can just rotate the washer and shoot a inch and a half or a full 2 inch plus. No other broadhead can do that . Best invention in expandable broadheads in a long time and the quality of this head is top notch.  Every bowhunter needs to try this bad boy!!

by Jeremy

Got the wasp dueler amazing exit hole shot a doe at 40 yards went threw the lungs ran 20 yards fell over and it was done thanks wasp

by Zack

Very durable and dependable broad head. Flies just like a field point and has devastating capabilities as far as destruction to the animal and penetration. Come very sharp from factory. Would recommend this broad head to anyone.

by Frank W

What an amazing broadhead.  Whether you decide to shoot big game and using a 2 inch cut or want to chase turkeys in the spring at 1 and a half inches this head can do it.  No need to have different broadheads anymore.  With the twist of a washer you can change how big your broadhead is.

by Richard T Smith

Used Wasp Jak-Hammers 100grain for years best hunting head ever used on compound bow and now at 60 years using it on crossbow. Also great on turkey’s as well as whitetails