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The WASP Hammer remains one of the top choices among bowhunters shooting fixed blade broadheads. Featuring the SST smart tip the Hammer is a tough enough broadhead to punch through the steel of 10 sections of a 55 gallon drum. The Hammer SST offers superior arrow flight in one of the strongest and best penetrating broadheads ever developed. The 3-blade broadhead is available in 75, 85, 90, 100, and 125 grains.

Comes in a 3-pack that includes 2 sets of replacement broadhead blades.

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Stainless Smart Tip

Stainless Smart Tip

The edges of the SST tip line up with each blade and paves the way through bone and tissue, creating pathways for the blades to follow, resulting in better penetration. Not held together by tiny screws or pins, but pressed onto the ferrule, it will never come off or out of alignment. It’s one Smart tip!

One-Piece Slotted Ferrule Wasp

One-Piece Slotted Ferrule

The ferrules are the backbone of our broadhead designs, keeping everything in perfect alignment and minimizing flight issues. They are strong, always perfectly straight and designed to make changing blades simple. And none of our ferrules are of a powered process like many of our competitors.

Razor Sharp Blades Wasp

Razor Sharp Blades

In 1971, we created the first replaceable blade broadhead, and have been improving them ever since. We harden our blades to a point where we can get a razor-sharp edge while still being flexible and not brittle. This allows them to bend and not break if they have to crash through bone.

Reputation Award Wasp

Reputation Award

Broadheads live or die by their performance. Advertising and celebrity endorsements only keep a broadhead on the shelf for so long. Eventually word gets around at the archery shop. Our line of broadheads includes models that have been around for 20-plus years, and are still getting 5-star reviews.

Reviews( 5 )

by Greg P.

I’ve been shooting wasp hammer broad heads for many years. They fly as true as my field tips. I get complete pass through shots and the chiseled tips make short work of the largest bones. The blades are razor sharp and easy to replace. I highly recommend that any serious bow hunter try these broad heads.

by Harry Jr.

I used Wasp broadheads ever since i started Archery hunting and that was back in 1977 and i used the bullet point broadheads 130 grs that flew like a field point then and when the Hammer came out i switched to them in 100 grs and my daughter in 75grs for her bow and they fly like field now,, Any broadhead Wasp makes is good, i have been using there broadheads for at least 35 yrs,,, Wasp keep up the good work !

by Paul Mongeau

I have used many broadheads in all the years that i have been hunting and all i can say is that Wasp broadheads are simply the best that i have used. Their mission statement is really at the end of the blood trail. And that is no B.S. with the number of deer that i have been able to bring down in my hunting years. I have tried all kinds of broadheads and never got the kind of blood trail i am getting with the Wasps. The trocar tip really does split the bones like no other broadhead on the market. Do yourself a favour, buy those broadheads and you will definitely enjoy them as much as i did. These broadheads really deliver a crushing blow. It’s Wasp or nothing for me. Thank you Wasp and keep up the great work !

by Al Core

Been using your broadheads 30+ years, always have a great blood trail and if I lost a deer it was my fault. Great product and keep up the good work! Wasp hammer SST’s

by Mike R Piatt

I have total confidence that my ARROW   will fly true and will have total pass thru with my Wasp broadheads ,this year my buck went only 40 yards and the blades on the Hammer broadhead was unblemished.