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Equipped with a 2.0”+ cutting diameter, the Jak-Knife is the most reliable 2-blade mechanical broadhead on the market. The O-Ring blade retention system is a proven performer as it has been used on the Wasp Jak-Hammer – the best selling mechanical broadhead of all time. It guarantees proper deployment on every shot. Upon impact, the .036” thick blades open to a maximum cutting diameter. The Jak-Knife gives bowhunters the best of both worlds: A wide-cutting broadhead with field point accuracy and no worry of mechanical failure. And the best part of all? It’s made right here in the USA with the quality you expect from American products.

Available in 100 and 125 grains. Comes in a 3-pack.

Uses #2909 replacement blades. To purchase replacement blades, click here, then select "1 3/4" - 100 grain option. 

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Max Cutting Surface Wasp

Max Cutting Surface

Mechanical broadheads allow for more cutting surface, which equals more damage. With our all-American stainless steel blades that hold tough during penetration, you can be sure you are making the most of big-cutting broadheads.

O-Ring System Wasp

O-Ring System

Our O-Ring System requires the least energy for deployment while offering the most reliability. Once the O-Ring deploys, the blades are allowed to release simultaneously, unlike independent blade locking systems, which require each blade to deploy independently. Made of super tough neoprene, the O-Ring material will never weather, crack or break down, even in freezing temperatures.

Field Point Accuracy Wasp

Field Point Accuracy

All our heads are designed to fly perfectly when shot from a well-tuned bow, but some of our heads feature a compact, reduced surface area to be more forgiving. Because let’s face it, things happen, tuning issues arise, and you still need to hit where you are aiming.

Razor Sharp Blades Wasp

Razor Sharp Blades

In 1971, we created the first replaceable blade broadhead, and have been improving them ever since. We harden our blades to a point where we can get a razor-sharp edge while still being flexible and not brittle. This allows them to bend and not break if they have to crash through bone.

Wasp Videos

Bone Busting Mechanical Broadhead

We gave the new Jak-Knife, a 2-blade mechanical broadhead with a 2+" cutting diamter to Tony Hansen of Antler Geeks to try. The results has caused him to #maketheswitch to the strongest and most dependable 2-blade broadhead on the market.

Reviews( 15 )

by Austin Carpenter

WOW! Like always blades are scalpel sharp, I could shave my beard with these things. I couldn’t decide if I wanted 2 or 3 blades so I got these along with the Jak-Hammers. Both afflict carnage. Greatest mechanicals

by Joseph

These broadheads are sharp (from the factory, which are the first I have bought that I didn’t have to sharpen) and are by far the most reliable mechanical I have ever used. Best of both worlds, stays shut till shot, opens with easy when comes in contact with game! Exit holes are massive, great blood trails. Ill never shoot anything else.

by Dan Schuller

I have used the Jak Hammer for a number of years and decided to give this head a try.  Once again, I was able to have success with WASP products.  The head is very durable, field point accurate beyond 50 yards, and great blood trails.  I would recommend the Jak Knife to any serious bow hunter.

by Joshua

After seeing the wound on my friends deer I went out and bought the Dueler because its what we had around here. I will most likely continue to use and buy Wasp products. Massive entry hole on hard quartering shot.

by Chris S.

UNBELIEVABLE! I cannot believe the damage this broad head can do. 3 does this season, and all three expired within 40yards from my position. One went through the chest cavity and out the back leg. Plus these broad heads are tough, I used the same broad head for the first two Deer unfortunately I hit a rock after the pass through and it bent otherwise I may have used it again. Can’t wait for bear season, I will be armed with the jack knife!

by Greg O.

Very nice broad-heads. I shoot the Jak-knife, great penetration and my buck didn’t go 30 yards after the shot at 60 yards. My bull elk went 55 yards and laid to rest. I use to shoot Rage but no more. These are a great product and easy to replace the blades and customer service is very good.

Satisfied customer…2015 from Montana

by Frank W

If your looking for that next best thing look no further. Jak knife is everything you could want pin point accuracy, dependable, tuff and most of all theses heads are razor sharp and still sharp enough after shooting to cut hairs with it.  I’m a customer for life

by JW

The Dueler is an awesome broadhead. After witnessing the wound channel on a buddy’s deer I was sold on the performance.  I won’t be found out in the stand without a Dueler on the end of my arrows this season.  Bring on the deer!

by Dustin

These blades are sharp!  I can count on a complete pass through with every shot.  The blood trail is very heavy, but very short, because they never go far!  I’ll be using these for many years to come!  Thank you Wasp for making a great product!!!!

by Austin Carpenter

An updated review… these bad boys are incredible. I will say with confidence, this is the mechanical head that made me a believer. I’ve always been skeptical about mechanicals, but no more. This broadhead saved my butt for sure. Made a far from perfect shot but the extra cutting surface kept my deer from going far. Complete pass through and buried into a fallen tree limb. Dug the head out of the limb and sure enough everything was 100% in perfect shape.

by Allister

Absolutely love these broadhead.  Been using the jackhammers forever and they have never failed me nor my father.  I recommend these to everyone.

by Mark Spencley

I could not be more impressed with the jak knife. Dependable performance and massive hemorrhaging. Flight is flawless. 100 percent American made. What else can you ask for.

by Jacob Reed (Switching Camo)

Just opened my Wasp jak-knife’s and the first thing I noticed besides the quality of the steel is how sharp of an edge each blade has. Not only is this an American made product, but I know I will be hitting the woods with absolute confidence that the second my wasp broadhead makes contact with a spring gobbler the hunt is going to be over!

by Andrew Brooks

The toughest head I’ve shot so far. I made a marginal shot on my buck last year, and did it’s job! Buck didn’t go far and the broadhead was in excellent condition and blades were still sharper than most othe heads new out of the box. Love Wasp!!!

by Tim A

Made in America and made to be accurate and dependable. Very pleased with the performance of the Jak-Knife. My search for a broadhead is over. Wasp all the way!