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The Jak-X Crossbow is a mechanical broadhead designed to best meet the demands of crossbow hunters. The Stainless Steel Smart Tip (SST) is pre-aligned with three stainless steel blades ensuring maximum penetration by creating a straight cutting path through anything that gets in its way.

The dual O-ring system retains the blades during flight and guarantees proper deployment on impact,even when the mechanical broadhead is shot from crossbows at 380+ FPS. Upon impact, the blades of the broadhead fold back to a huge cutting diameter of 1-3/4 inches, resulting in quick kills and easy-to-follow blood trails.

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Stainless Smart Tip

Stainless Smart Tip

The edges of the SST tip line up with each blade and paves the way through bone and tissue, creating pathways for the blades to follow, resulting in better penetration. Not held together by tiny screws or pins, but pressed onto the ferrule, it will never come off or out of alignment. It’s one Smart tip!

O-Ring System Wasp

O-Ring System

Our O-Ring System requires the least energy for deployment while offering the most reliability. Once the O-Ring deploys, the blades are allowed to release simultaneously, unlike independent blade locking systems, which require each blade to deploy independently. Made of super tough neoprene, the O-Ring material will never weather, crack or break down, even in freezing temperatures.

Designed For Crossbow Wasp

Designed For Crossbow

Bolts shot at high speeds need stability. Our Crossbow broadhead designs undergo precise engineering and quality assurance to create the best flying broadheads on the market. Whether it’s an extra O-ring here or a little more weight there, we have made sure these are The Ultimate Broadhead™ for crossbow hunters.

Max Cutting Surface Wasp

Max Cutting Surface

Mechanical broadheads allow for more cutting surface, which equals more damage. With our all-American stainless steel blades that hold tough during penetration, you can be sure you are making the most of big-cutting broadheads.

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Jak-X Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

The Jak-X is a broadhead made specifically for crossbow hunting. The dual O-ring system has been tested on speeds up to 380 fps and will not open in flight.

Reviews( 6 )

by Shawn

Awesome product. Never worry about mechanical broadheads opening on the bow rest.

by Harry Hewko, Jr.

I have used the Jak-Hammer Broadheads ever since they came out, and I have been a Wasp Broadhead Fan from when I started hunting in the late ‘70s. I tryed other broadheads in between to see if I can fine anything better,  but always come back to my Wasp Broadheads,  I the time I could not afford to keep buying broadheads year after year , I would sharpen mine cause they were easy and held and edge, ( I still have a Doz. & half of the orange bullet & Chisel point broadheads w/carbon & stainless steel blades ) at the time they and still are to me the best me, they had thinner blades but sliced through anything even bone and flew like a field point, and when they introduced the Jak-Hammer that was the ticket,  and when I seen that hole go in on impact on the first time I used them at 15 yds I was amazed from my treestand and the Deer did not go no 20 to 25 yds,, I have been using them ever since with a couple other brand like Rocket and this over advertised Rage broadheads & one Called Ventalor,,, I lost big Bucks to Rocket & Ventalor broadheads ,, but never lost a Deer to a Jak-Hammer,  even with a bad hit I found the Deer, now this Rage head, I was using a 2"cut broadhead double lunged the doe and she went close to 75yds with a normal blood trail you would see from a reg broadhead and the entrance & exit holes only messureD 1.5” instead of 2” and the last time I used them was a few weeks ago when I shot a Fall Gobbler with the same 2” broadhead , the bird was found 30 yds away with some trickles of blood , but again 1.5” in & out hole, I’m done with this Rage nonsense,  it’s all over advertised, so I’m done trying Different broadheads that people say are the best on the market, well I KNOW what’s the best on the Market and that’s any Wasp Broadhead, and my Favorite is the Wasp Jak-Hammer 100 gr. & my Daughter loves the 75gr. Jak-Hammer, Keep up the Excellent work at Wasp Archery !

by Dale Duryea

Used the jakx crossbow this fall on turkey got the gobbler in to 18 yards shot it at wing butt went through both wings it went no where . I will be using them this spring . Will let you know

by Doug Vaughn

The 2016 archery season is my first experience using a mechanical broad head.  I had no idea what to expect and like everyone else have heard considerable negativity regarding mechanical heads.  So far I have harvested two deer with an Excaliber Matrix 355 crossbow and the Jak_X.  The Jak-X has performed wonderfully.  They have proven to be accurate, durable and reliable.

by Joseph V. Comparato

I was introduced to Jak X from Mike at Mikes Archery in St. Peters Mo. I looked at the Jak X and the Jak Hammer. I don’t care for the plastic head on the Hammer so I purchased the X.  First time out with my new crossbow, (mission 320) after 20 minutes in my stand I shot my first deer with it at 40 yrds. Deer went about 50 yrds and dropped. The arrow was right behind where I shot the deer and deployed perfectly. The entrance hole was about an inch and the exit was close to 2 inches. Second morning I shot my second deer at 15 yards. That deer went straight down and stayed. That broad head did exactly the same as the first. The next week I got a third deer at 40 yrds,,same story. I have no reason to ever try a different head. Can’t wait to hunt again this year with my Mission and Jak X. Thanks for a great product.  Joey C.

by George Holley

I have been bow hinting since 1989 and have used Wasp broadheads the whole time. I have taken 28 deer so far with out a broadhead failure. I currently use the Hammer SST in 75 grain and can,t complain one bit.