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The SharpShooter is a cut-on-contact broadhead designed with a self- aligning blade locking system which utilizes a hardened stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blade to the ferrule, eliminating misaligned blades and poor arrow flight.

The SharpShooter broadhead has a 1” cutting diameter with .040” main blades and .027” bleeder blades. All blades are replaceable.

Comes in a 3-pack.

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Cut On Contact Wasp

Cut On Contact

Hunters using less draw weight or recurve bows love the efficiency of a cut on contact broadhead. It rips through tough hide upon impact, creates a big hole and saves precious kinetic energy. It’s not just for traditional archers. Any bowhunter looking for more penetration will find a cut-on-contact broadhead useful.

Blade Locking System Wasp

Blade Locking System

The self-aligning blade locking system utilizes a stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blades to the ferrule and locks the bleeder blades in place This ensures your next arrow will fly like your last and everything is in-line for perfect arrow flight and penetration.

Bleeder Blades Wasp

Bleeder Blades

A 3- or 4-blade broadhead creates more trauma than a 2-blade broadhead. The bleeder blades follow the main blades to slice anything missed. Loss of blood is the quickest and most humane way to kill an animal, as their name implies, bleeder blades do exactly that.

Reputation Award Wasp

Reputation Award

Broadheads live or die by their performance. Advertising and celebrity endorsements only keep a broadhead on the shelf for so long. Eventually word gets around at the archery shop. Our line of broadheads includes models that have been around for 20-plus years, and are still getting 5-star reviews.

Reviews( 2 )

by John

Over the past 9 years, I’ve used 100g sharpshooters to take 4 large bull elk and several midwest whitetails, including 3 mature bucks. I shoot 29” easton ACC arrows out of a top name bow drawing 62#. I began bowhunting in 1988 and over the years have tried a bunch of different heads, searching for that magical combination of top accuracy and great penetration. The sharpshooters are incredibly accurate, which is a huge confidence booster. Super sharp blades and cut on contact design give exit holes on large game and high angle tree stand shots. Sharpshooter, the name says it all.

by Brett

Spent months testing broadheads and looking for maximum penetration and accuracy the wasp sharpshooters fly right on with my field points out of my Hoyt carbon defiant shooting 60# 28” draw.  These broadheads are very sharp and very durable me and my dad used these on a recent Canadian black bear hunt these things make a heck of a blood trail one bear died just out of sight 30 yards away and the other dropped less than 20 yards away both shots were great passthroughs leaving the arrows stuck in the dirt but the most important part for choosing these was the extreme accuracy and how confident I am with shooting any critter with these the next trip will be an elk hunt and the wasp sharpshooters will definitely be in my quiver.