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The 100 grain Z-Force mechanical broadhead features a unique ball-bearing system that ensures proper blade dispersement with every shot. Its 1 5/8-inch cutting diameter, along with its solid steel ferrule, works in combination with its three blades to be the most lethal rear deploying head on the broadhead market today. Comes in a 3-pack.

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Ball Bearing System Wasp

Ball Bearing System

Ball bearings, by nature, have less friction with the surfaces adjoining other surfaces. When used with mechanical broadheads, blades open quicker and with more reliability. Also, the ball bearings allow the blades to act independently from the ferrule itself. This zero-force mechanism is how the Z-Force got its name.

Solid Steel Ferrule Wasp

Solid Steel Ferrule

Utilizing solid steel ferrules not only increases strength, but also allows us to reduce the surface area of the broadhead to improve flight. It’s aerodynamics 101: reduced surface area = fewer wind plane issues.

Practice Washer Wasp

Practice Washer

Use the practice washer to shoot targets with the same broadhead you hunt with. The washers keep the blades from deploying for easy arrow removal and a longer lasting target. Because it’s the same weight as the plastic retainer, you will know exactly how your arrow will fly in the field.

Razor Sharp Blades Wasp

Razor Sharp Blades

In 1971, we created the first replaceable blade broadhead, and have been improving them ever since. We harden our blades to a point where we can get a razor-sharp edge while still being flexible and not brittle. This allows them to bend and not break if they have to crash through bone.

Wasp Videos

All-new Wasp Z-Force

The Wasp Z-Force sets the new standard for rear-deploying broadheads.

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Reviews( 5 )

by Trenton Crumpler

WOW! I shot these today and that’s exactly what I’ve got to say about them, they are just as accurate as my field points all the way out to 80 yards, and the ball bearing deployment system gives you a true 1 5/8 cut on entrance and exit. The chisel tip is extremely tough, and I don’t believe its possible to get the blades any sharper. These will be my broadhead of choice for sure!

by Jake Ramsey

By far, the best broadheads I have ever shot.  Fly just like a field tip.  Blades are tough and rugged, no deployments issues, and the chisel tip will bust through bone.  Took a steep downward angled shot on a doe, these blades busted through 2 ribs and punched straight through the sternum.  First broadheads that I have shot with complete 100% confidence that they will do what they need to do.  I will be shooting these breadheads for as long as I hunt.

by Tony Barnhart

I gave them 3 stars because they do fly straight and make a nice hole.  But they are too fragile.  what good are replaceable blades when the tracks on the ferule brake out after one shot.  One of them broke in a foam target and another broke when I shot it through a fox.  It did a good job killing the animal, but at $40 for three and you can’t re-shoot them because they break, I won’t be buying them again.  There are other heads out there that won’t break after 1 shot.


Had a 6 pointer quartering away at 30 yards. I shot and knew I hit him. It wasn’t until we found him about 60 yards away the I saw how far back I hit him. (right in front of the rear leg, I’m thinking he reacted to the shot and turned more..) the arrow went through some guts and into the vitals,  liver and lungs for sure, and broke 2 ribs but did not pass through. the blades deployed without any problems and continued to slice up his innards while he ran. Great broadhead. Will definitely continue using them.

by Dan D'Addio

Tried the Zforce this year after using the jackhammer for years. Shot a doe quartering away at 42 yards with my Mathews monster 7. The Zforce punched a hole just behind the offside shoulder, no pass through, perfect blade deployment, no blade damage at all! I cleaned and inspected the head, replaced the blades with the set provided and it’s like new again! I really like this Zforce, accurate, sharp, tough and deadly!