Greenland Musk Ox
Flag Location: Greenland
Horn Trophy Game: Musk Ox
Target Product Used: DRONE 100/125/Deep Six

Two Drones drop a behemoth musk ox from 20 yards

By: Bob Shenk

On September 8, 2019, I traveled with two other members of the WASP Archery Products team to Greenland on a combination musk ox and caribou hunt.

My first musk ox opportunity was on day three of the hunt. We spotted two mature bulls about 400 yards away on the incline at the base of a mountain. Unfortunately, they were in open terrain, so we had to wait until the animals moved into an area that provided adequate cover for a stalk. After a 30-minute stalk, traveling up a deep creek bottom, we were finally able to get within 20 yards of the largest of the animals, which was bedded down in four-foot brush. 

As the animal stood and presented a broadside shot, I released my 125-grain Drone that completely passed through the vital area. The musk ox scampered off about 80 yards, with all of us in pursuit. We again closed the gap to 20 yards when I released a second arrow to make sure the kill was complete. The live weight of my musk ox bull was estimated at around 700 pounds!

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