Every Animal fears a Wasp. Here's the proof.

Hunting isn’t just about the gear you use. its about spending time with people and nature. At Wasp, we deeply value the hunting community and want to do our best to help hunters no matter what gear they use.

Kill Story iowa

Iowa Whitetail Stung by Wasp Jak-Knife

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Double lung at 40 yards

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Wasp Archery Broadheads - Drone killed deer

DRONE gets it done!

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Claire Dolman buck - Wasp Archery

Nothing but bone and Jak-Hammer still gets it done!

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Mike Horswill buck - Wasp Archery

8 Point Buck

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Michael Kennedy buck - Wasp Archery

192″ Buck Stung with a Jak-Hammer

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eric kirby kill story

Jak-Hammer gets it done from 25 yards

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david deyarmin kill story

Passthrough from 40 yards

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havalon hv through wood

Double-lung passthrough with the Havalon HV

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boy posing with buck

Hammer SST kill from 20 yards

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