1st deer of the season

I harvested this button buck on Monday after bickering whether to go out or not as I have never shot an afternoon deer until this day. It was getting late - only 8 minutes to sunset and I was getting ready to hang my bow up when I noticed movement. I slowly turned myself to set up and had previously ranged a couple trees so I knew one was 28 yards. He was broadside so I drew back and then he started moving toward me. I held that position until he came within 17 yards and I gave a little grunt tone. He stopped and I drilled him. He jumped about 5 feet in the air and ran about 10 yards and flipped over. I will never shoot any other braoadhead. I love my Jak Hammers... thank you again for such a great quality product.

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Double lung 40 yards

This Coastal South Carolina buck gave me a 15 yard broadside shot and the Jak-Knife certainly performed well.