2015 archery buck

Sweet November in northern PA, 20ft. Off the ground for a evening of bowhunting. Sitting in a small area of open hard woods with a stand of hemlock behind me and a thicket 40 yards in front of me. About 2 hrs. into the hunt a doe and 2 twin button heads came running out of the thicket and was on me in a flash. They messed around me for a bit until the doe got down wind and poof .... Gone in a flash. A half hour later I caught movement in the thicket, after seeing a rack I stood up bow in hand and heart in my throat... He came walking straight at me 30-20, then 10 yds. As his eyes passed behind a tree, I came to full draw!! As he cleared the tree and stopped at 8 yds point blank I let the arrow go. My Drone tipped arrow zipped through him like butter, he jump kicked and WALKED 25 yards and piled up! I have never had a deer walk after a arrow passed though them, but he did, I guess the drone was just more then he could stand .... He's not my biggest rack buck but I'm proud of him no doubt!! And I'm also proud to say I've found my broadhead for life, thanx WASP.

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