A Perfect Shot

Hey everyone! I’m back from Alaska where I was blessed to shoot this moose. We spotted the Moose on a big, flat Hilltop, and as we made our way up the hill, the big bull popped out of cover 75 yards behind us. It wouldn't be long before he caught our wind moving with the thermals down the mountain, so I nocked an arrow and took the shot as soon as he turned broadside. The arrow flew true, the placement was perfect and the bull ran 100 yards before piling up. All that work in the offseason, practicing from 70, 80, 90 and 100 yards with the Drone really paid off on this hunt. The arrow punched a hole in both lungs as it passed through.

After following the short blood trail and finding the bull, the real work started. We skinned the moose, quartered it and packed of the prime cuts of meats (the tenderloins and blackstrap) and headed back to camp through 5 miles of swamp. It was tough sledding, but super rewarding. The next day, we took horses up to get the rest of the meat, cape and antlers. 

My family has used Wasp Broadheads long before we purchased the company in 2010 because they were the strongest, best flying and most reliable broadhead on the market. In 2014, we designed the Drone to carry on those attributes. The Drone is the best flying head I have ever shot from long distances and I had no doubt it would hit true and make a clean kill on this hunt. 

-Zach Weaver, Broadhead Designer at Wasp Archery

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