Boss Bull

Reliving the months of practice, both shooting and calling, as this bull bugled seconds before appearing at 80 yards, I remember thinking this is really happening. I stood silent for the next few minutes as I watched this bull cross my 45 shot window, then several of my 40 yard windows, but something told me to just wait. I watched the bull as he stopped and licked his nostrils, searching for signs of the hot cow he had been screaming to for the last several hundred yards. I was going to have to let him walk away if I wanted give him one last call and seal the deal.

The bull walked directly away from me down a ridge and stopped behind some trees at about 60 yards looking over a small patch of aspen for his hot cow. I made one final lone cow call and he instantly turned on a dime and walked straight at me. As my bull walked behind a small pine just 15 yards away, I drew my bow and at just 8 yards he finally cleared the last tree. I released the Boss broadhead tipped arrow and watched as the bull jumped straight in the air, kicked, and ran just a short 20 yards before making a hard cut into the dark timber, a stream of blood running down his front leg, validating a perfectly placed shot. Pumping my fist with a few under my breath "yes, yes, yes" was my first reaction to the culmination of such an emotional and incredible experience.

Next I ran uphill for a few hundred yards looking and calling to my dad to tell him the news, nearly passing out as I forgot that I am a eastern lowlander now standing at 10000+ feet, but the excitement of sharing this experience with my dad would be worth it. The track was short and easy to follow as the Boss has passed completely through both front shoulders of my bull. As I walked behind my dad as we followed the blood a short 75 yards down hill, I will never forget looking up, his arms raised in the air, he said "Bull down".

Thank you Wasp as you have been part of many of my favorite memories.

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