Doe Hunt

After a long battle with broadheads this summer, I settled with the Jak Hammer due to all the positive reviews and how well my bow shot them. Tonight in Iowa, was fill the freezer night. Fortunately, I'm blessed with a family farm that is covered with deer and turkey. So harvesting a doe on any given day is not a hard task at all.

Needless to say I was pretty excited to see the results of how these broad heads would preform on a deer. Watching the deer feed in the bean field all evening, I made my selection of the deer I wanted to bring home and made a well placed broadside shot at 54 yards. I heard the smack of the arrow hitting her and her reaction was instant. She ran low and hard and summersaulted only after running 20 yards. After getting out of my tree and walking over to where she lay, I was truly amazed of the size of hole this broadhead made on her.

The entry was nothing short of amazing. And the exit was the same size. Complete pass through. I hit the shoulder blade of the side I hit plus two rib bones and two rib bones on the exit. I thought I had hit the shoulder blade on the back side but it was only the meaty part. The internals were a mess. I'm very happy with my selection of Wasp Broadheads. Not a single blade was broken, however, one was slightly bent. But nothing at all to complain about for what the head had to do. Good job Wasp on truly creating a mechanical that can be trusted upon!

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