Father and Daughter Hunt

Hello my name is Kristen McKee, my dad and I meant you guys at the eastern outdoor sports man show last year. I told you guys my problem with the broad heads I was using when I meant you guys which was the G-5 T-3 broad heads,I'm shooting a Mathews mission. I was promised I would have success switching to your Wasp Queen broad heads, and that they would work for me since I'm not shooting that much pound age. My dad (Tom McKee) is shooting a Hoyt Alphamax. he has always shot your Wasp Bullet broadheads. In the second week of November my dad and I planned a trip to Illinois, once we arrived I was getting excited everyday in the tree seeing the deer I did. My dad was in a tree 20 yards from me. I had this 8pt. Walk 20 yards to me, I shot him and he ran 30 yards and fell over dead. Not even 5 mins later another 8pt walked in right under my stand, my dad shot him and he ran 25 yards, and my dad and me watched him fall over dead! This is the first buck I took with my bow and the first buck my dad shot with his new bow, it was very exciting sitting in a tree next to my dad and both shooting 8 pts not even 5 mins apart!I'm very happy with the Wasp Queen broadheads and my dad is happy as well with his Bullet broadheads! We will continue to use your products! Thank you!

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